Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drumroll, Please...


John and I are so excited to announce that we are having a boy :) We went to our anatomy ultrasound today and as we were walking down the hallway the doctor asked us if we wanted to find out the baby's gender. We said, "OF COURSE!" We have been so excited about this appointment for so long. Yesterday, we were talking and thinking about how different our lives would be once we found out the sex of the baby (would we one day be paying for someone's wedding or someone's rehearsal dinner?) Anyway, at our appointment this afternoon, as soon as the doctor had the baby up on the screen, she was like, "Yup, it's a boy." Seriously, within like a second she knew. From there, she proceeded to show us all his boy parts :) I turned to John and said, "Ha! I knew it!" And this afternoon before my appointment, my feelings that it was a boy kept growing stronger and stronger. Even on the way to our appointment, I turned to John and said, "I feel now more than ever that it's a boy."

Ultrasound 20 Weeks
I'm going to go ahead and embarrass my son now and show you his boy parts :) For me, the angle was a little confusing. The doctor was like, "Can you see it?" and John was like, "Oh yeah, of course" and I thought, "Do you? Do you really?" I actually asked to see it twice because I wasn't sure what I was looking at!

After the doctor confirmed the baby's gender, a mix of feelings and emotions came over me, ranging from how cute it will be to watch John teach the baby how to play sports to "uh oh, I'm gonna have to potty train a boy!" And I always thought that once I knew the baby's sex, the name would just come to me, like some kind of epiphany. But nope, nothing. In fact, I think I may be confused now more than ever on what to name our Lil Bit. Surely, I can't keep calling him Lil Bit forever (or can I?) I just know I'm going to be pouring over baby naming books and maybe even extend the poll and add more to the list.

3D Ultrasound 20 Weeks
And here's Lil Bit, in all his 3D glory. The doctor said everything looks great and the baby is healthy :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Babies

Still feeling a little under the weather, I decided to stay home from work today. Looking for ways to relax and feel better, I turned to youtube to search for "laughing baby" videos and found a couple that I really enjoyed. These are guaranteed to turn your sick days (or rainy days) into happier ones. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Morph Thing

Looking for something to do on a rainy day such as today? Try! It's a site that combines two faces into one. So of course, I morphed me and John's images to see what our baby might look like.

Here are the two pictures I morphed together.

Here's what Lil Bit will supposedly look like!

Ok, so this is just a silly website that has no real weight, but it's still fun, no? If you look closely, it looks like they morphed John's glasses onto the baby. I searched and searched, but I could not find a single picture with John without his glasses! Oh well - with both John and I wearing glasses, I think it's safe to say that our child will need them as well. I'm not even sure if the picture above is supposed to be a girl or a boy. We'll know for sure in just three days!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

You Know What Really Sucks?

Being sick while pregnant! This weekend, I caught a cold, which is the first time I've been sick this entire pregnancy (and ironically, it has nothing to do with the pregnancy itself). Usually, I avoid taking medications and let my body do all the fighting naturally, but after sneezing constantly for an hour, I referred to the list of over the counter medications that my doctor said could be safely used during pregnancy. Here's what was listed for a cold:

Tylenol Cold & Sinus

Did we have any of these things in our medicine cabinet? Of course not! So off to Target John went. And did Target have Tylenol Cold & Sinus? Of course not. So John talked to the pharmacist and they told him to get acetaminophen and Up & Up nasal decongestant (a generic form of Sudafed) and together they make Tylenol Cold & Sinus. So I took that this afternoon and I'm waiting for the effects to kick in. I hope this cold goes away by tomorrow!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Possible Name?

My students ask me everyday what I plan on naming the baby and I always tell them I'm open to suggestions. Yesterday, one of my students wrote this on the board:

A possible name for the baby?

This is actually a name that we've toyed with, if only for John's love of Game of Thrones. I actually think it has a nice ring to it. But we'll see if we even have to keep this name on the list because next week is when we find out the baby's gender!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Designer Baby Clothes

Ok, as ridiculous as designer baby clothes are, I still get a kick out of them and secretly want them for my Lil Bit. I know, I know - they'll grow out of them so quickly that the price per wear would be hard to justify. But oh well - they're still so gosh darn cute! Here are a few items I found while shopping with my Mom one day.

Dolce and Gabbana dress
$95 at Off 5th
Freaking Dolce and Gabbana for babies! Who knew? I'm hoping more customers, such as myself, will continue to balk at its ridiculous price that eventually Saks will put it on clearance and then I can buy it for, my baby.

Baby Girl's Polo and Bloomer Gift Set & Baby Boy's Polo and Short Gift Set by Lacoste
$165 each
These are just absolutely adorable, but sheesh! $165 for a baby outfit?! That's about how much an adult outfit would cost. However, when John and I went to the Lacoste outlet in Orlando last weekend, it was on sale for $75 - what a steal!

Seven For All Mankind and Joe's Jeans
About $40 each at Off 5th
I love designer denim and now babies can also get in on the skinny denim trend.

 Sperry Boat Shoes
$50 at Dillards
John and I both have Sperry's so when I saw these, I just knew I wanted them for Lil Bit.

Burberry coat and sweater
Burberry outlet in Orlando, FL
These are probably my favorite. I've always wanted a Burberry coat, but since I can't afford one for myself, why not one for Lil Bit? I can't remember what the price was for these, but I'm sure they were outrageous. Anyway, our little one would look so cute and stylish in these.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Pregnancy Hormones Attack

Yesterday, I started cleaning out my classroom in preparation for my move to a new school. I packed up my decorations, which consisted mostly of student projects I’ve kept over the years. I set aside a pile that I wanted to keep, and what did my custodian do? She THREW THEM ALL AWAY! (By accident of course. She's really the nicest, sweetest lady so it's hard to be mad at her). Normally, this is something I would be upset about, but my pregnancy hormones only magnified my emotions and made me feel as if my whole world had fallen apart. Really, I was that upset. My only consolation is the fact that I actually took pictures of my classroom before I started tearing it apart, for nostalgia's sake.

Oh, my poor rhombicuboctahedrons, now squished in the bottom of some dumpster somewhere (pregnancy really brings out my dramatic side).

On a brighter note, I think I felt the baby move for the first time today! It felt like some kind of weird gurgling, grumbling feeling in my stomach. Was that it?! (Or was I just hungry?)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Bump: Week 19

Happy monday! Hope everyone's work week started off well. Waiting any day now for the first baby kicks!

19 weeks

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's a Girl!

Ok, so not really. In fact, we won't even know the gender of the baby for at least another couple of weeks. But it seems that everyone around me keeps saying, "It's a girl!". Even John thinks we're having a girl. It's funny - I'm the only one who has a feeling it's a boy. Call it maternal instinct or just call it playing the odds - everyone in John's family has a boy. John has two brothers, his brother has two sons, and all his cousins are boys. It's a Jordi thing. So naturally, I'm going to think I'm having a boy as well. John and I even made a bet (have I mentioned how competitive he is?) - he bet me the baby is a girl and I bet him it's a boy. Whoever "loses" has to treat the other one out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Yummy Sushi. It's a silly little bet, but it helps us pass the time as we anxiously await our next appointment. This will probably be the most exciting appointment up-to-date, as we will then be able to start registering for items and start planning out the nursery.

In the meantime, here are some silly ways to predict a baby's gender. There's even a Chinese Baby Gender Predictor, which is the only one I've tried and one that many people swear by. It's says I'm having a boy... :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

What I'm Wearing:
Top by Free People
Cardigan by J. Crew
Jeans by Joe's
Shoes by Missoni for Target

18 Weeks (almost 19!)

So excited for the weekend! Ready to get some sleep for me and Lil Bit :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wait For It

If you caught Monday night's season finale of How I Met Your Mother, then you probably thought the same thing I was thinking after the episode:

"Isn't this the cutest baby ever?!"

Marvin Waitforit Eriksen

Marshall and Lily finally had their little one, aptly naming him Marvin WaitForIt Eriksen. Many people have commented on this middle name, saying it's the best name ever. I personally think it's quite silly. Oh well, that's How I Met Your Mother for ya. Anyway, back to the adorableness of this baby. My heart just about melted when they showed his tiny little face and his cute button nose. I turned away from John during this scene because I secretly started crying! I was always an emotional person before, crying at just about anything (cute puppies, a lost kitten, missing out on a great sale, you name it), but adorable babies are what gets me the most. Especially nowadays, when my pregnancy hormones are running wild. I know I will be one big puddle of emotion when Lil Bit is finally born. Seriously, I almost cannot even take my eyes off this picture, I don't know what I'm going to do with my own little one. I know I will be able to stare at him or her for days and never get tired of it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Royal Treatment

What I'm Wearing:
Dress by BCBG
Cardigan and bracelet by J. Crew
Necklace by Banana Republic
Earrings by American Eagle

18 Weeks

My family and I all went out last night for Mother's Day. I originally planned on wearing jeans and a blouse, but my ever-growing baby bump is preventing me from wearing my normal clothes. Since I don't have many maternity clothes yet, I opted for my royal blue (purple?) maxi dress. These maxi dresses are my new best friend - they are so comfy and provide ample room for my belly :)

We all went out to The Brick Restaurant and Biscotti's for dessert. My brother actually got me a Mother's Day present, which was a completely unexpected surprise (thanks, Andrew!) He got me a gift certificate to Anthony's European Spa & Salon, where I plan on getting the Swedish Prenatal massage. It was my first Mother's Day (even though I'm only a mother-to-be) and it was so nice to receive all the well wishes.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Baby Bump

Happy Mother's Day, especially to my fellow soon-to-be mamas Katherine and Kelsey! It's been wonderful having friends that I can share this experience with. I can't wait for our babies to be born so they can grow up together and we can have play dates :)

18 Weeks

Friday, May 11, 2012

"Are You Mom Enough?"

I'm sure many of you have already seen the latest cover of Time, where a mother is breastfeeding her friggin' 4-year-old son!

I only have one word for this: INAPPROPRIATE. Actually, I probably have a few more words to describe how I feel about this cover, including disturbed, disgusted, and maybe even a little traumatized. I mean seriously, that kid is practically old enough to cook his own meal. I do agree that breastfeeding is a natural thing and a great way to bond with your baby, but c'mon, not with your child (who's about to start kindergarten and is guaranteed to be ridiculed for this photo for the rest of his life). I do plan on breastfeeding my baby, but only until they're about 6 months old, maybe even a year if I'm up for it (or whenever they start sprouting teeth - whichever comes first!) I understand the health benefits of breastfeeding your baby, but after a certain age, say 12 months, are the benefits even significant enough to continue breastfeeding throughout their toddler years? Think about this: John was breastfed as a baby and he's sick ALL the time. I was never breastfed as a baby and I'm as healthy as can be - in all my years of teaching, I've taken a sick day maybe 4 times, I only have to go to the doctor maybe once a year if that, and I have a great immune system. So the mothers from this article who wax lyrical about the benefits of breastfeeding 'til their kid can read, write, and talk in full sentences ("Mother, may I have some more breast milk please?") are not necessarily going to raise children who are healthier than someone who was fed formula as a baby. In fact, these children are probably more likely to become needy, dependent kids with awkward social skills (ok, so I don't know about that last part, but that's what I imagine at least). Not to mention the trauma of actually remembering breastfeeding from your mom (shudder). I personally think this whole "attachment parenting" is a very negative extreme. Of course you want to bond with your baby and be close to them, but at a certain point, you also want them to grow up to be healthy, strong, independent children, and one way for them to do that is to um, latch off.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pregnancy Brings Pleasantness

An interesting thing happened the other day. I was out shopping and while looking at a jewelry counter, I heard a voice say, "You really didn't gain weight anywhere else." Startled, I looked up from the necklace I was eyeing to find an elderly woman smiling at me. I said, "Excuse me?" She replied, "You really didn't gain any weight. I can see your tiny baby bump, but you're still skinny everywhere else." Up until this point, I thought I'd done a really good job of hiding my baby bump - you know, wearing loose flowy tops. Don't get me wrong - of course I want to show off my pregnant belly, but I still feel as if I'm in that weird in-between stage where you can't really tell I'm pregnant and it just looks like I had a big lunch. Anyway, I said to the woman, "You can actually tell I'm pregnant?" And she said, "Of course! You have this pleasantness about you." I thought, "Oh, how sweet!" I guess that pregnancy glow really does exist. I was wondering when it was going to finally show up!

This woman was the very first person who asked if I were pregnant. And it seemed to create a domino effect because the next day, my students (very reluctantly) asked if I was pregnant as well. At this point, I thought I could either a) tell them the truth or b) keep lying and eventually have to tell them anyway a couple weeks down the road when I got too big to keep it a secret anymore. So I announced to all my students that I was in fact pregnant, and I was surprised to see that they were so happy for me. It was quite sweet. And pretty funny actually, because all my students said, "I KNEW it!" Apparently, they had all suspected it for weeks, but of course were too afraid to ask. You NEVER want to ask a woman if she is pregnant because if you're wrong, then you've just implied that she's getting heavy. My students reassured that I was not heavy at all - they simply started to notice things when only my stomach was getting a little bigger but I was still skinny everywhere else. And then they proceeded to tell me that they noticed I was dressing differently (one girl even said, "Yeah, you started wearing those elastic waist band skirts.") I really thought I had done a good job of wearing long shirts to hide it! But I guess there were times when I've written something on the board and my shirt may have lifted up a bit to reveal that I was in fact wearing maternity skirts :) I really underestimate my students sometimes - they are a lot more intuitive and observant than I thought.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


These were some of the questions I had for my doctor and I figured it would be a good idea to post them here because who knows? You may have had the same questions as me (or maybe you will one day).

1. Is exercising safe?
Yes. My doctor said pretty much any and all exercises are good for me and the baby. Some exceptions, of course, include contact sports and really heavy lifting. I spent maybe the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy completely paranoid, but after speaking to my doctor, I resumed my normal routine. The only thing I cut out were core exercises (for obvious reasons) and heavy squats (I used to squat 200 pounds. I decided maybe all that strain on my legs wasn't such a good idea). The main thing to keep in mind is that if you've been working out prior to becoming pregnant, it's healthy to continue your workout regimen. If you haven't, it's still a good idea to exercise, but incorporate certain exercises slowly into your routine. For example, I was never a runner. In fact, I despise running. So of course, I'm not going to start running now. But for cardio, I take long walks or use the elliptical machine. I work out three days a week, and I weight train for about 45 minutes, working on chest, back, arms, and legs, and about 15-20 minutes of cardio.

2. What acne medications are safe to use?
Sadly, none. And sadly, I have been plagued by adult acne thanks to my ultra-sensitive skin. And it's only gonna get worse thanks to all those pregnancy hormones. On the bright side, I think my skin has held up pretty well given the circumstances. When I do break out, I just pile on the concealer!

3. What are the top foods I should avoid?
This was another one of those things that I spent my first trimester being completely paranoid about. But once again, my doctor reassured me that almost all foods that I ate before I was pregnant are completely fine to eat. She just said to use common sense - of course no raw foods or alcohol. Caffeinated drinks, such as sweet tea, were ok as long as they were taken in moderation - a cup a day was fine. The thing with caffeinated drinks is that they increase the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. But after that, they are fine to drink as long as you supplement them with plenty of water. And so far, I've only had one cup of sweet tea in my entire pregnancy. Admittedly, I have had sushi, BUT only the cooked kind and only once every few weeks. Again, everything in moderation.

4. Is there a cream I can use to prevent stretch marks?
The answer is a resounding NO! My doctor and every baby book or article I've read has repeatedly said no. Sure, there's cocoa butter and a ton of other miracle creams on the market that claim to prevent stretch marks. But stretch marks are simply genetic - some people are lucky and just don't get them while others are more prone to get them. Unfortunately, I am one of those. Yes, I do have stretch marks, and a ton of them. There was a time when I gained a whopping 40 pounds in just a matter of weeks, thanks to the "freshmen 15" and those conveniently packaged frozen chicken tenders that you can deep fry in just minutes for a quick and tasty meal. I did eventually lose all the weight (thanks to a personal trainer and an alarming wakeup call from an old outspoken college classmate who once told me that my "rolls of fat" were sticking out and it just wasn't cute. Mind you, this was coming from someone who was even bigger than I was!), but those stretch marks are still there as little big reminders to put down the french fries every now and then. So the best way to prevent stretch marks? Steady weight gain, about a pound a week starting in your second trimester. And hey, it doesn't hurt to slather on the cocoa butter either (as I do at least once a day).

5. How do I find a doctor to deliver my baby? And where do I deliver? And in general, what the heck do I do now that I'm pregnant?!
Getting pregnant was the easy part, but afterwards, I really had no idea what to do next. I didn't know how to pick a doctor, which hospital I was supposed to go to, etc. I had been going to UF Generation to Generation for a few years now for my regular appointments, and my doctor told me if I was happy there, then they would be happy to delivery my baby. I thought, "Oh, that was easy." The only thing is, they deliver at Orange Park Medical Center, which is quite a drive from where John and I live. Right now, my doctors appointments are convenient because I work in Orange Park and I can easily swing by after work. But I was afraid of going into labor if I was all the way on Southside, which is where we live AND it's a solid 30-minute drive to the hospital, given that there's no traffic (and with the Buckman Bridge, you just never know). Anyway, my doctor reassured me that with first pregnancies, labor takes a looooong time so I would have plenty of time to get to the hospital. So that made me feel better. But then there were the naysayers who scoffed at the idea of having a baby in Orange Park (shudder). You see, they used to have a bad reputation many many years ago. But my good friends, Katherine and Joey, who both work in the medical field (and who are also expecting by the way), reassured me that Orange Park has come a long way since those days and it's a wonderful hospital to deliver at and they have a great maternity ward. So John and I felt better and I'm really happy with my doctor anyway and that's the most important part.

Bottom line is - simply have common sense when it comes to pregnancy. My doctor put it this - women have been having perfectly healthy babies for thousands of years, without the use of baby books or all these other precautions. My Mom also pointed out that back when she had me, she had coffee every day, they never had ultrasounds, and her doctor never warned her against all these foods or products. My point is, there's never been a safer time than now to have a baby. So if you are expecting, keep a few simple rules in mind (no raw foods, exercise regularly, etc.), sit back, relax, and enjoy your pregnancy :)

Any questions for me? Comment below!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Maternal Instinct, Where Are You?

I read this article on about Giuliana Ranic and her worries about holding a baby. She said,

"[I'm most nervous] about dropping the baby. It's terrible! When I hold a baby, I'm very awkward. Everyone always tells me to relax my shoulders and I get so scared. I don't want to drop the baby!"

This is pretty much how I feel.

In all my life, I could probably count the number of times I've held a baby on one hand. Yikes! And I'm about to be a mother! I, too, am very awkward when it comes to baby-holding. I told John that I have this irrational fear that their heads will roll off. Silly, I know. But a more rational fear I have is simply dropping the baby! Or holding him or her in a way that makes them uncomfortable and want to squirm out of my arms, as most babies are wont to do with me. I chalk this up to being the younger sibling and the fact that I've never babysat in my life (and my general paranoid personality). John, on the other hand, is AMAZING when it comes to kids. He's an absolute natural. Whenever he holds our nephew, Eli, he's all smiles. As soon as I try to hold him, oh man, watch out for the waterworks! He can probably sense my lack of baby-holding skills. I'm hoping (and deep down, I know) this will be one of those things that come naturally to me, as with all things maternal-instinct-related will.

See? All smiles.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Bump

Time for the obligatory belly profile pictures! I decided to start taking my profile pictures at week 14, which was about the time I started to (kinda) show.

14 Weeks
I'm sure this tiny bulge has less to do with the baby growing inside, and more to do with the fact that my pregnancy cravings consisted of large amounts of pepperoni pizza and ice cream.

15 Weeks

16 weeks

I'm not even sure if the pictures above count as a "baby bump." So far, no one at work or at the gym (where I'm bound to show even more given my unforgiving workout gear) has suspected that I'm pregnant. Every time I go to a maternity store to shop for clothes, they ask if I'm shopping for someone else. And when I do tell someone I am pregnant and how far along I am, they look at me and say, "You're not even showing yet!" Guess this means I might be having a tiny baby :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Tell or Not To Tell

When and who you tell your pregnancy news to is entirely up to you. John and I decided to tell our parents right after my first ultrasound, when the doctor confirmed I was in fact pregnant. Many couples wait until the first trimester is over, but John and I absolutely could not wait to tell our families. I honestly don't know how some couples do it. We were bursting with excitement! So we took my parents out to dinner at III Forks, where I told them we were really there to celebrate some exciting news we had (my Mom later told me she was worried we were about to tell her we were moving away). After we broke our pregnancy news, my Mom immediately gave me a hug and I was surprised to find myself crying. I did not realize how emotional I would get (that's pregnancy hormones for ya!) My Dad, on the other hand, seemed shocked. He probably sat there for a solid 10 minutes before the news seemed to finally hit him. So be prepared ladies! You're essentially telling your dad that his little girl is now all grown up and having a baby of her own. I can understand how that can be shocking for any dad. Needless to say, he was happy and excited for us.

The next day, we took John's parents out to lunch at Maggiano's. And once again, I cried when I broke the news (this wasn't helped by the fact that John's mom started crying too!). They were, of course, thrilled by our news. Afterwards, we went to Pottery Barn Kids, which was right next door, to do some (very early) baby shopping. It was such a fun time for all of us.

Click here for some fun and creative (and maybe a little cheesy :) ways you can break your pregnancy news.