Sunday, August 18, 2013


10 Months
I find it AMAZING that John was able to snap these photos without Noah crawling off the chair.

Ok, so he did try to reach out for John once (or twice), but for the most part he sat still long enough for these photos.

My boy looks like such a BOY in this photo. When did my Lil Bit become Big Bit???

John took Noah to the doctor's a few days ago due to some rashes on his skin, but it turns out he also has a 100.6 fever. The doctor didn't seem too concerned and said he would only need to go to the hospital if it reached 101. This fever was more than likely brought on by his first tooth.

This boy is now the proud owner of two bottom teeth :)

As for Noah's skin, it turns out he has baby eczema, which will eventually go away as he gets older. The doctor gave us a few suggestions for his skin.

1) Use baby detergent.
This is something we stopped doing a couple months ago simply because we ran out and I figured he was old enough to throw his clothes in with ours and it wouldn't irritate his skin. Wrong! Even though we were using All Free Clear, it didn't matter. So we switched back over to Dreft. When it comes to baby detergent, we don't have a specific brand we like. We basically buy whatever's on sale or whatever we have a coupon for. In the past, we've used both Dreft and Babyganics, and they both seemed to work fine.

2) Use Dove soap.
There were a couple things we began doing differently at the same time - different detergent and different body wash - that we weren't quite sure which was the cause of his skin irritation. We started with switching his body wash, but his rashes persisted. We just bought new baby detergent so I can't report on that yet, but our doctor also recommended Dove soap. I couldn't find any baby version of Dove so I ended up buying their sensitive, scent-free kind. We've been using it for a few days now, and I think it's helped somewhat, but not significantly enough for me to start endorsing it.

3) Prescription medication.
The doctor prescribed us Clotrimazole for his dry patches, Nystatin for his diaper rash, and Aquaphor as an allover body lotion. So far, his skin has cleared up quite a bit, but he still has a few dry patches.

Now does this look like the face of a boy who has a fever and several skin irritations? Nope! I was surprised by how many issues he had when we took him to the doctor's. He didn't show any kind of fussiness or discomfort. He was just as happy as can be. Such a big strong boy!