Monday, May 27, 2013

THE Swimsuit for New Moms

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope you're having a good three-day weekend.

With the weather warming up here in Florida, John and I have had the chance to finally take Noah swimming. We figured he'd be a natural because he's always kicking around on our living room floor, his favorite thing to do. 

The first time we took him swimming, he seemed a bit bored. Maybe he just wasn't used to the water yet. 

The second time around, however, he seemed to enjoy it a bit more. He was kicking around and splashing in the water. What Would Ryan Lochte Do? How 'bout What Would Noah Jordi Do?

Taking Noah swimming actually gave me a lot of anxiety. Not because I was worried about him in the water, but because I wasn't exactly swimsuit-ready yet. It's been a little over 7 months since I had Noah, but I just can't seem to shed these last gosh darn stubborn ten pounds. Well, one day while shopping for a one-piece swimsuit (I am officially old), I came across this Catalina Suddenly Slim Shirred Halter Swimsuit from Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Of all places! I'd always wanted a retro swimsuit, but the one I wanted from Modcloth was going to set me back about $90. This Walmart version is a fantastic look-alike, and for only $33!


This swimsuit made me feel so comfortable and covered up. The ruching helped disguise the small post-baby pooch that I have yet to get rid of and the back provides full coverage. And the retro styling is so cute! I actually felt confident in this swimsuit, something I hadn't felt in a long time since having Noah. I highly recommend this bathing suit for any woman who wants to cover up a bit while swimming, but still wants to be fashionable and cute in a one-piece without looking matronly. And for only $33, I think it's a good quality - the material is thick and substantial and seems like it will hold up well over time. My only issue is that the cups are lightly padded and my small bust doesn't quite fill it out, so I had to sew in some swimsuit inserts that I bought from JoAnn (they cost about $10). Even with this tiny investment, it's still a great deal and much more affordable than most retro bathing suits sold online and at specialty boutiques.