Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Ultrasound

During my first ultrasound, which took place during week 6, I  was able to clearly see the gestational sac, which looked like a black blob. However, the doctor was unable to easily find the most important part - the baby! The doctor spent nearly 45 minutes looking, only to find a tiny white blurry circle that she could not even confirm was a baby.

Week 6 Ultrasound
See what I mean? Black blob with a fuzzy white dot in the middle.

I asked her what exactly it was supposed to look like and she said generally they're looking for a more defined white dot. And then she mentioned the M word - miscarriage. I once read in a book that the number one thing you should never ask a pregnant woman is her due date. Well, I think the number one thing you should never mention to a pregnant woman is miscarriage. So that, coupled with the fact that I was experiencing NO pregnancy symptoms put me into full-swing paranoia. I spent about the first three quarters of my first trimester with this overwhelming gut feeling that something was wrong. I'd never experienced a miscarriage before, but I have friends and family who have and they were devastated. And I can certainly see why - all that planning and waiting and excitement of finally finding out you're pregnant, only to have that happiness taken away from you for reasons still unexplained by doctors. My husband and sister-in-law Julie were very supportive of me during this time, trying to fill me with positive thoughts. And it turns out, they were right. By my second ultrasound, which took place during week 10, we were finally able to see our little one, tiny heartbeat and all :)

Week 10 Ultrasound
John was unable to come with me to this appointment, so I texted him this picture right away. He was so excited! He or she looks so cute curled up in there :) Oh, and that tiny circle? I believe that's the yolk sac.

During this pregnancy, I've had a tendency of being very impatient - impatient when waiting to find out I was pregnant (I think I took a couple negative tests before I got a positive one. The reason the first couple were negative was because I was taking them too early!), impatient when waiting to see my baby for the first time in an ultrasound, even impatient when waiting for my belly to start showing. My point is, it takes time for your baby to develop! 6-7 weeks pregnant is generally pretty early to get an ultrasound, so if you're getting one this early and you don't really see anything yet, have patience. Soon your little one will be very visible, inside your belly during an ultrasound as well as outside when you start to show!

Playing the (Short) Waiting Game

Becoming pregnant was a decision John and I had spent many months discussing. In January, when we had officially decided to start trying, there were certain precautions we I took - I started taking prenatal vitamins and of course (many months prior) I got off birth control. Also, you should have some idea of when you're ovulating (there are some telltale signs that don't require the use of an ovulation kit). And honestly, that's all we did to prepare. There are many (thick) books on "What to Expect Before You're Expecting" and we might have resorted to such books but the waiting game for us was very short. By Valentine's Day, we found out we were pregnant (just a mere couple of weeks later!). I know several couples who took months to get pregnant, even with all the precautions taken. So my point is, every couple is different. If you're unsuccessful the first time around, don't worry! I think it's important to be in a positive state-of-mind - relax and try not to dwell on the stresses and technicalities of becoming pregnant right away. If you've been trying for several months with no luck, try a simple ovulation kit (about $20-$30 at your local supermarket or drugstore). It's often suggested that if you are unsuccessful after a year, it's time to see your doctor. John and I were SO fortunate and we wish any couple the best of luck when trying to have a baby because it truly is a blessing and we have never been more happy.


Yes, folks! John and I are BEYOND thrilled to announce that we are expecting :)
Baby Jordi is due October 14, 2012

I decided to start this baby blog so my family and friends could join me as I chronicled my adventures in pregnancy. Here, you will find updates on how John and I are adjusting to the idea of becoming parents, belly bump pictures and ultrasound pictures, and my general musings on pregnancy :)

15 weeks along
What I'm Wearing:
Top by Catherine Malandrino for Lacoste
Camisole by C&C California
Chelsea Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans by Joe's
Espadrilles by the Gap

I also wanted a place where I could provide little words of wisdom and support for mothers-to-be who may have stumbled upon this blog. A place where other expectant mothers could read honest answers about pregnancy - realistic and not sugar-coated (but not cynical either). Pregnancy is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful time in a woman's life. But baby books and even doctors can sometimes give you generic answers on pregnancy so I hope through this blog I can give mothers-to-be (or just curious individuals) a personal account of pregnancy and all the good (and bad!) things that go along with it.