Monday, June 30, 2014

Toy Story 3

There's nothing, and I mean nothing, that Noah loves more than Toy Story 3.

Did I mention that he loves Toy Story 3?

He watches that movie at least once a day. Scratch that - at least twice a day (and sometimes three times a day).

I don't know why he loves this movie in particular, but's he obsessed. Look how entranced he is.

And if I try to play anything else for him, he knows. Oh boy, he knows...

I'm not even sure why I started playing this movie for him to begin with. He's usually not one for watching TV. He never showed much interest in cartoons and pretty much ignores the television whenever we're watching something. I think I might've just played this movie for him when we were on a road trip somewhere just to keep him entertained, and the rest was history...

Now every time he sees my iPad, he reaches for it, desperate to watch Toy Story 3. Even if he's already seen it that day. We've now started to hide my iPad. 

Today, we went to Movie Stop to trade in some DVDs and purchase some new ones. Noah went straight for the Disney section and picked out, what else? Toy Story (albeit parts 1 and 2, but still!).

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